Objections should never enter the process of marketing as we



and select people

for purchasing our product or service

or joining our opportunity provided

 We ask the questions

We do Marketing’s required steps .   

Now, assume for a minute, I’m correct. 

Those of you who have spent hours upon hours

Learning how to handle objections

May be thinking

“You mean I’ve wasted my time?”

You haven’t because you’ve learned what not to do.

That’s a valuable lesson

And you are likely more than ready

Not to get objections

Not to ever have to answer them again,

Aren’t you?

Have a great day and smile at someone and make their day a little brighter!



All successful internet marketers use the magic of believing even though they may not realize it.

Yesterday, at my weekly BNI meeting I gave the educational moment.  I said, ”Today I’m starting by asking two questions.  I want you to answer to yourself.  There are only two possible answers to the questions.  It’s either yes or no.  Not I don’t know or maybe or I’m not sure.

1.        Will 2014 be your best year ever?

2.       Does your 2014 plan have you doing anything different or doing what you do differently?

For you see, we have what we have now because of what we have done up to now.  If we want something differently, we must do something different.

However, there is this problem of being full up.  We use up all the time we have doing what we do now.  We have no time to do anything different.  So, we must throw out something or things we are doing  to make room for something different.

But what do we throw out?  We have things we consider have tos.  All we have left are want tos.  Will it be our favorite TV Show.   The weekly golf game or get together with the girls. We must decide which goes.

Now it’s time to do an exercise to help us have our best year ever.

Take out 4 business cards and write on each of them the numbers 12-31-2014.  Now under them write the letters MBYE.   Now I want you to close your eyes and imagine today is 12/31/2014 and the year has been my  best year ever!.  Now I want you to imagine what made the year MBYE..  Maybe it’s the extra $50,000 of income.  Or the new ideal home you bought.  Or the dream vacation you had.  Now feel how wonderful it feels to have earned the thing.

Next, I want you to place one card on your bedside table.  Another on the mirror where you shave or put on makeup.  Another on your office desk or wherever you pass 6 or more times a day.  And the last on your car’s dashboard.

Now, every morning and evening look at the bedside table card and see yourself in the future at end ‘s end with the thing that made it MBYE.  Do the same with each card each time you see it.  Do this at least 6 times every day.  12 times would be better.

This implants on your subconscious the thing you want.  Once the subconscious has the imprint, it will seek out the ways to bring your desire into realty.

CAUTION:  Do not write down or tell anyone what the thing that you want is.  Remember NO ONE.  That will short-circuit the process.

The Magic of Believing works EVERY time.  It never fails.  Only you by not following the system can cause it not to work.  Follow the system and get what you want.





Did you ever ask yourself why is that the majority of people in MLMS are women, yet most of the top earners are men?

It can't be sexual discrimination since the MLM opportunity is gender neutral.

Last week, I posted a blog with a video by Sheryl Sandberg where she gives some reasons.  
You can see the blog and video here  Sh
eryl gives an example in her talk that might be a clue.  

She was at a seminar and observed that during a Q & A when the speaker said he was taking only 2 more questions, no more women put their hand up.  
While the men kept raising their hands and he took more questions than the two.


What were the women thinking that prompted them not to raise their hand?

What prompted the men to keep raising their hand?

I would like to hear some feedback,especially from the ladies.


I just watched this video of Ashton kutcher.  I thought it was worth sharing.  Watch it and tell me what you think.

Have a great day and smile at someone and make their day a little brighter!

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Hey, I just came acroos this cool Youtube video that explains why it is so much more difficult for women to become leaders than men.  This is not a blame game thing where men are the bad guys.  Rather its a honest assessment of why so many more women aren't in leaderships positions.  Check out the 14 minute Youtube video.    

 Let me know what you think.

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